January 2015

With time during this holiday to ponder new approaches to teaching effectively, I came up with an idea that I haven’t used before. I created a sheet entitled “MY PIANO GOALS – 2015.

On it I listed a Memory Challenge category with choices ranging from 10 to 40 pieces; Scale Challenge; Chord Progression Challenge: Theory, Composition, Arranging Challenges. Then there are categories designated by months, so each month has space for a short term goal. February has an option to check the ADMTA theory test, May has both Guild Auditions and Spring Recital, October has Halloween Recital and finally December has the option to participate in a Holiday Recital at a senior citizens’ center.

There is a statement of commitment that will be signed and dated. I will keep a copy and the student will also. I am hoping that this reminder will instill desire to live up to the ideals we have agreed upon together for 2015.