Recital & Performance

Performance opportunities serve to create an environment for learning, achievement, and confidence.

During the school year, two recitals opportunities are the Halloween Recital and the Spring Recital.  Students play at least one piece, and may also elect to play a duet with a friend, parent or me.  The duets are a special addition to the performances and are very rewarding. Costumes and festive refreshments are included in the Halloween Recital, and the Spring Recital is an awards presentation as well as performance excellence. We also have an optional Holiday  music casual performance at a nearby senior citizens’ center so we can share the seasonal music with those who cannot get out to concerts.

Another performance option is The National Guild Auditions, an event which has taken place each spring since 1929 in cities all across the United States.  Students who choose to participate play a number of memorized pieces for a judge.  They receive a certificate, report card and pin for their efforts. The challenge of memorizing as close to perfection as possible is a competition with oneself and gives back its own rewards.  Participation is encouraged in my studio. Please inquire for information about this year’s Guild Auditions.

Austin District Music Teachers’ Association provides additional performance contests and venues, as well as a grade level state theory test twice a year.  Medals are awarded for qualifying test scores.