My Piano Goals – 2015

This week I am introducing a new way of pursuing an old idea – GOALS. I am giving each student above the primer level a GOAL SHEET which must be read, dated and signed. The introduction reads,

“I understand that I am making a commitment to my personal musical achievement for this year. By considering possible goals and realistically thinking them through, writing them down, referring to them often, and checking them off in turn, I can track an illustration of my visible success map. Each student’s goal is customized. This is mine.”

Categories are:

Memory Challenge ; 10, 20, 30, or 40 piece options

Scale Challenge: Major  – choose a number 5 or above

Minor – choose a number 3 or above

All Scales

Chord Challenge: This number matches the Scale choice

Theory, Composition, Improvisation – individually selected

In addition, there are goals stated each month, including Theory Testing, Recitals, and Guild Auditions. I hope to see an increase in responsible planning and goal seeking throughout the Spring Semester.


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