Roland RM 700 Digital Piano

My new RM 700 digital piano is opening up lots of new possibilities for learning and creating music. I am just beginning to understand it features and anticipate using this frequenting in my teaching. Along with my Yamaha Grand piano, I feel that my studio has diversified opportunities for all levels and interest areas. The rhythmic and harmonic accompaniments are incredibly numerous; the ability to record original scores, save and print opens the door to composing; the animation and visual features are delightful and riveting to the students. As I discover attributes, I’ll post them.

1. Recently I have learned to create a digital copy of an original composition, transfer it via USB port to my computer and print out the sheet music. My students are enjoying the possibilities of making their compositions come alive in sheet music form. It has opened a new kind of curiosity and creativity for my students.

2. The Animation effects are fascinating to my students. We have played with the various options and really like the vertical and horizontal staves that used colored shapes, long and short and the rhythm requires. Great addition to rhythm study.

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