Spring Recitals 2011

Two recitals were held on May 22, 2011 at the First Baptist Church at 9th and Trinity. A total of 60 students performed carefully chosen solos, as well as various duets with parents, siblings and friends. There were no duplications so the programs were varied and entertaining.

Awards were given for Consistency of Practice, April Flash Card races,  and recognition was given to those  who participated in the ADMTA theory tests.  Those students receiving theory awards are Evan, John and Aubrey. There was a 3-way tie for  First Place Practice Awards:  Saira, Zayd and Tucker.  All three received personalized trophies.  Flash card races were in 3 catagories: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Sophie won the Beginner; for Intermediate, there was a tie between Tucker and Elena, and Holly won the Advanced. These students received wooden plaques with brass inset.

Eighteen students who participated in the Guild Auditions on May 17th  and 24th  were recognized and presented pins, critique sheets and certificates. The following students played 2  memorized pieces for a judge: Luke, Ella, Madison, Elena, Malli, Evan, Camille, Vivienne, Nitin, Kalyani, and Avery.  These played 3 or 4 memorized pieces: Chinmay, Maggie, Aubrey, Boomer, and Tucker. One student, Noah, played 10 pieces. Every score was a Superior Minus or better. A job well done.

Photos and videos of the Recital will be posted soon.

Parents, if you would like to purchase a professional DVD of your child’s performance, see the links below.

DVD:    http://www.dvfilmstore.com/recitaldvd.html
BluRay: http://www.dvfilmstore.com/recitalbluray.html

Here is an example of how the video will look:

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