Intro to Piano 1

I use the Faber method primarily for beginning students.  The Piano Adventures is successful with very young children, ages 4 to 6.  It comes with a CD which helpful for home practice.  Having attended a workshop with Randall Faber has enabled me to better utilize the materials presented by this talented and creative resource.

Supplimentary materials are widely varied, such as Bastien’s “Piano Literature” series, Gillock’s series of solos, Mier’s supplimentary books, FJH Celebration series, FJH “In Recital: Jazz, Blues, & Rags,” and many more.  I also use several online sites to print free sheet music or buy music online.  Especially teenage students have special requests that are often able to be satisfied with online sites.

One thought on “Intro to Piano 1

  1. Please take a look at our fantastic range of books, we are Dogs and Birds and our books are a highly successful way to teach the piano to very young children, from ages 4 to 7. It uses animals to symbolize musical notes, for example Dog for D, Bird for B and Cat for C.

    I hope you find them useful, be sure to get in touch and keep up the good work!

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